When Time Is Your Worst Enemy - It's Time to Call ZIPP Express
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Ground Expedite
Don't Just Ship It - ZIPP IT !!
The next time you face a crisis in transportation and other carriers tell you why they can't come to your rescue,
CALL ZIPP EXPRESS and ask for ExpressLane service.   

We're the experts at delivering critical shipments on short notice. Our ExpressLane service is your best solution
when stakes are high and the schedule is next to impossible.                                        

Consider our
ExpressLane Service Features:

  • On-call, Non-stop expedited door-to-door service.

  •  Pick-up within 90 minutes; immediate dispatch to destination.

  •  Automated Pick-up & Delivery Status Confirmation Sent in Real Time By E-mail.

  •  Your shipment on one truck with real-time satellite tracking updates.

  •  24 Hour Dispatch and Support Staffed 7 Days A Week

  •  Service  throughout most of the U.S.

  •  If We Don't Have A Truck Near Your Shipment Then We Can Find One Within A Few Moments.  

At  Zipp Express, we have the extensive fleet and  responsive staff to help you survive your next transportation
crisis. . . and the next. . . and the next!
Just one more reason why Zipp Express is on the  move.
So Your Shipment Has To Go Right Now or Else. . . .
And All You're Getting From Your Regular Carriers Are Lame Excuses?
(615) 230-7778

Expedite Is What We Do Best!